What is IP Address. Explained in Hindi

What is IP Address in Hindi | Simply explained | IPv4 and IPv6 | CODE24 In this video, I have explained what an IP address is. Types of IP address IPv4 and IPv6. Hope you will like the video.

Every device that is connected to a network and uses Internet Protocol as the medium for communication is given an IP address, which is a long string of numbers.It is the digital equivalent of your home or place of employment's mailing address.

Information is transmitted over the network in discrete packets, which is how Internet Protocol works.The majority of a packet is made up of the data the sender is trying to communicate, but there is also a header with information about that packet.

The IP address of the device that sent the packet and the IP address of the device that is heading the packet are two other pieces of information that are stored in the packet header.This information is used by routers and other network infrastructure to ensure that the packets reach their intended destinations.

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